Established in 1999, The DJ Crew name was chosen because “crew” brings to mind camaraderie and consistency. Brian Park chose the name while dj’ing aboard Cleveland’s Goodtime III cruise ship and later brought in John Kerata as a partner to launch the mobile side of the company.

Brian and John decided to design a training program for their DJs that incorporated a classroom/live-event environment, focusing on actual DJ-skill refinement, scenario training, extensive music knowledge, and event adaptation. This remedied the many problems that exist in the dj wedding industry including lack of training, “cookie-cutter” music, and being ill-prepared. The DJ Crew training resulted in DJs that coordinate stress-free events, create a fun atmosphere, and pack dance floors.

The DJ Crew has grown from 39 events in 2002 to 300+ annually.

We run the night for you.

From the entrance to the toasts, we make sure even the smallest detail is handled. That way you can enjoy your time with your friends and family, and your night will be smooth and stress-free.

Think of your reception this way: It is the biggest party you are ever going to throw and you are the star.

We will create an energetic and fun atmosphere. Your guests will feel comfortable and ready to have a great time.

This is accomplished not only through microphone presence, but also setting the tone with the right music.

Your events went smoothly.
The atmosphere is incredible.

Now the apex of your reception, the dance floor, can either dwindle to the point of people leaving or can make a mark in your guests’ memories as being one of the most phenomenal parties they have ever attended.

We know that you are not going to have the same dance floor at the beginning of the night as you do at the end. That’s why we dj moment-to-moment, constantly reading and adapting to your crowd. We train our DJs in not only music knowledge, but intelligent flow and transition. Your reception is a unique blend of your families and friends.

Your reception shouldn't be just an event, it should be an experience.

Learn how we can make the vision of what you want for your wedding a reality. You will have everything that we do as DJs, now further enhance your reception with breathtaking uplighting, fun photobooths, and even your names in lights.